Saturday, June 18, 2011

pumped up kicks.


how do you navigate the music choices in your child's life? (oh katie perry! watching k sing your lyrics in the bathroom mirror makes me cringe!) the girls pick these songs up at school and then we have long conversations about what is appropriate for a kid and what's not. but the tunes are catchy and i still find them singing. (they love to sing!)

i get it. i don't love the lyrics - but can't get this song out of my head. trying to approach it by putting together playlists of songs that i hope they will find catchy - and that i feel good hearing them sing! (this this and this right now.)


k and her best bud recently performed don't stop believin' (a la glee - which k has never seen) as part of an after-school class. even with the smokey room / cheap perfume...


we are optimistic d will come home today. xo


Mama Urchin said...

I struggle with this too. My kids like some old They Might Be Giants, Instabul (Not Constantinople) and Birdhouse in Your Soul; Owl City, Fireflies; Train, Hey Soul Sister; Black Eyed Peas, I've Gotta Feeling; and Sugarland, Stuck Like Glue.

I try to listen to a song through their ears if I think it might be borderline alright. They don't get the innuendo most of the time and often take lyrics at face-value. There was a 5 year-old in Tristan's pre-K class who loves Katy P, knew all the lyrics, could sing all the songs. Really, it just made me sad.

Tracy said...

You are absolutely right about them not getting the innuendo! It is something I too try and do. (I think of some of the songs that were popular when I was a kid - Madonna etc and I didn't have a clue!)

I also had a great talk about "filtering" with a friend recently and was reassured that giving the tools to manage the material is the better response than cutting it out all together.

still find it a struggle though!