Thursday, June 16, 2011

jumping in

air 1

air 2

we are all about jump rope right now. jumping in. double dutch. 2-4-6-8 meet me at the garden gate... its the perfect after dinner activity. even better when neighbors walk by and jump in.

d is down (really down) with a nasty bout of pneumonia. house full of girls missing him. we can't double dutch (load the dishwasher or much of anything else) without him. xo

(thank goodness - once again - for my amazing neighbors. couldn't have gotten through today without them. xo)


rebecca said...

that's great! there's a lot of rope skipping going on in our neighborhood too... what's up with that?! we have 2 books on skipping rhymes in our personal collection that are now lent out to the most interested skippers.

man, i hope d feels better soon. we're all coughs all the time up here... especially little lake. those small pipes are making it hard to get the gunk out! and the pollen allergies this year - yowza! i'm a mess.

Tracy said...

thanks rebecca. he has actually been in the hospital the last few days. we are optimistic he will come home today. xo crazy year. a friend (Dr. of Environmental and Preventive Medicine) really believes the up in illness and allergies is connected to the radiation coming from Japan. kinda scarey. sigh. xo

rebecca said...

the hospital?! good lord! i'm so glad to hear he's back home.

sorry for the slow response. we were at my parents' and i didn't check the blogs.

as for your dr. frinend's comment... well, $#!*%, radiation from japan may be affecting all this stuff? really? this is not good news.

happy father's day to papa d! sending good vibes and healing thoughts to your lovely family.

Tracy said...

thanks rebecca :) hope jeff et al had a wonderful day too! xoxoxo