Friday, September 02, 2011

bits and bobs. without my camera.

my camera has died an untimely death. it is off to hopefully be resuscitated. we will see. i miss it more than i could have imagined. my phone and e's little point and shoot just aren't cutting it!

and there is lots going on.

my mom is in town. it is always so great to have her here. the girls are in heaven!

and my dear dear friend Jennie was in town from Wellington New Zealand! we went to grad school together (what feels like ages ago - i guess it kind of was.) and she has lived all over before heading to NZ, falling in love and recently getting married. it was so wonderful to get to know her new husband and hang out with them for two days. we got to the farmer's market for lunch, back-to-school shopping at the grove and squeezed in a visit to the getty. they are off on a two month world tour - and we wish them safe travels - and some time to relax! xoxo

coming home meant a return to our CSA. tonight, an armenian cucumber leek raita that knocked my socks off! simply: thinly slice cucumbers and leeks into strips, add a few cloves of finely chopped garlic. stir in 2 cups of plain yogurt, 1 cup finely chopped parsley, juice of one lemon, and salt and paprika and cumin to taste. we are headed to the farm on Monday to help weed and harvest - to labor on Labor Day!

k finally had her hair cut today at lucas, after the debacle of our last attempt. hopefully getting in a beach day before wednesday. definitely taking in this open house this weekend. inspired by erin to stock of the freezer with goodies for school year lunches and dinners...

oh and yes - the first day of school. 2nd grade. and (gasp!) 5th grade.

(aside - do you buy a new backpack each yr for your student? we had been. and this year i took a stand and said no. the girls' bags from last year were in excellent condition - and i just couldn't do it. they were not happy. funny enough - k's chickadee magazine arrived yesterday in the mail, complete with a board game - with this month's green theme - that states "You buy a new backpack even though your old one is in great shape. Move back 1 space." i smiled.)

and because the post looks naked without any images: an iphone pic from our time with j & j. lunch out: amazing fish tacos and freshly squeezed lemonade and a girl in a snazzy hat.

my girl out for lunch


Mama Urchin said...

We do not buy backpacks each year and I think its a little easier since they never knew what they were missing. Katie has had hers quite a few years and she wants to upgrade to a rolling one. I'm secretly hoping to get through elementary school on one backpack.

amy h said...

2nd and 5th! They're getting so big. We have only bought one backpack per child. E's is getting a bit small after three years of preschool and one year of kindergarten, but she didn't want a new one. I didn't argue!

house on hill road said...

oh the backpack dilemma!
we buy new lunchboxes every year as they seem to get a lot of wear, but the backpacks get replaces every 2 or 3 years, just depending on how they are holding up.
and if you come up with any other good freezer stocking ideas, please share.

BunkleLife said...

And a yay and congrats to Jennie! Great news :)!!

leslie said...

we reuse backpacks as well. my father "works" at a thrift store so many of our backpacks come used already... sometimes it is hard to reuse those but the new ones (especially those fancy expensive ones) are often good enough to continue using. new pencils, paper etc (and a wash) usually make it ok for my kids. hey i head over to london next tuesday, will be thinking of you!!

Tracy said...

thanks all :)

erin - i will let you know what i come up with. looking for the perfect black bean taquito recipe!

jan - we need another reunion. and to bring the boys along this time! xo

leslie - have a wonderful wonderful trip! will you be in kendal? we stayed here: