Thursday, September 08, 2011

'za on the grill

pizza on the grill

i have thought about making pizza on the BBQ many time. i have various recipes torn out of various magazines and shoved in binder to inspire.

it has been in the triple digits all week. hottest day of the year yesterday. (at least 104.) everything we do is on the BBQ when the weather gets likes this.

thinking of a vegetarian grilling option that would appeal to the girls - pizza immediately came to mind.

i love you mark bittman.

all the toppings (except the cheese and olives) came from our CSA box. e prepped them all and lined them up and played sous chef while i worked the grill. on a base of pesto (basil walnut), we had: summer squash, leek, arugula, turnip (!), spinach and tomato.

we really should have done this sooner. yum!


(has anyone tried baking pita on the grill?)


rebecca said...

lurker with a good memory... ;) sez... i saw it a bit back on stephanie's (littlebirds) flickr. (search "pita".) i'm certain you'd do best to go directly to her for the how to's. let me know how it turns out! the pizza looks delicious. we need a gas grill.

Tracy said...

thanks reb :) i think i remember that too! off to look... xo