Monday, September 12, 2011


hello monday!

we had a wonderful wonder full (albeit camera-less) weekend. highlights : first soccer game of the season (go kixx!) and a visit to the beatrice wood exhibition at the santa monica museum of art. it was so wonderful. girlies all loved it too. and i went with a neighbor who took a pilgrimage to ojai to meet wood in the 80s as a young woman. (loved learning this gem about my friend while she was visiting us up on the island this summer. never would have guessed!) the girls were curious about her technique and mesmerized by the video of her.

image via MADMuseum

the journal pages & letters were wonderful. and her work is gorgeous.

image via MADMuseum

she discovered ceramics at 40. and lived to be 105.

image via Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

i picked up her autobiography and am looking forward to getting into it. (finishing up beatrix potter's biography first.)

the exhibition was designed by adam silverman. and is the first show we've taken in as part of pacific standard time (which d has been working so hard on!). can't wait to see more.

so good to be back to school. the girls are so happy to be back :) and our return to routine is so far so good. good stuff.

september 11 always conjures such strong memories. and this year - as we plan for a 10th birthday party - i thought about that little baby inside me that day and all the fear i held for the world she would come into. and i look at the amazing almost 10 year old she has become and my heart swells.

looking forward to fall weather and quiet weekends.


leslie said...

i have that book ready to read as well, how funny! i will look into the exhibition when i return home. :)

lisa s said...

i would love to see that wood exhibition
[and in thinking about 9/11 and your babe i get teary eyed]