Sunday, September 04, 2011

on deck

our new table has arrived. eating outside as much as possible.

new table

new table

this morning :: pancakes with orange rind and walnuts, fresh fruit and too much coffee.

d's next project... extending our deck & a chicken run is underway.

thanks for your backpack feedback. in our school district all school supplies are pretty much supplied to the kids. so buying a backpack, lunchbag and a folder is our back-to-school shopping. it had become a habit. we did order new lunchbags. (last years' were in pretty poor shape.) and picked up folders. i feel good about our backpack decision moving forward.


stephanie said...

i admire your yard, your table, your year-round outdoor eating weather.

just read your last post—my kids get new backpacks when something breaks on an old one. this year mia needed a bigger one for the fat binder middle school requires (got it on ebay for $8).

you are lucky in the school supply dept. we are asked to buy everything for our classrooms including copy paper, tissues, cleaning supplies. this year's tab for my two kids was $150 and we didn't even get everything on the list.

leslie said...

oh wow!! love love!!

Tracy said...

thanks stephanie. it kind of drives me crazy that the district provides all the supplies - but we do end up buying things for the classroom (handsoap, printer paper...) because the school has no budget for that. i should count our blessings.

happy new school yr!

shari said...

love that table, tracy!!