Monday, February 13, 2012

these days

mid-Feburary? how did this happen? february is a tough month for me. the anniversary of the loss of my dad dominates.


it dawned on me yesterday afternoon that valentine's day is this week and that the girls hadn't prepared anything for their class. valentine's day at their school is akin to halloween with the amount of candy and bits and bobs that get distributed amongst classmates. what happened to simple valentine's dropped into a decorated tissue box? (sigh.)  we've done a variety of things in the past - always steering away from handing out stuff that isn't consumable - along with the paper valentines. i know how much fun it is to put little packets together to hand out to classmates, but quite frankly (after a major purge of their bedroom this week) i am so tired of little bits of stuff coming into our home! this year we are sticking to our guns and keeping it simple. i downloaded these sweet valentines - printed them out - and the girls customized with cut paper, doilies, stickers, and fancy penmanship. i think they are great. and weren't stressful for anyone.


it's grey and cold and a perfect february day. banana bread, some cookie dough, and a valentine sewing project are on deck.

happy monday

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favourite valentine's gone by:

happy valentine's day

crayon hearts

tokens of my affection

love birds

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BunkleLife said...

Happy V-Day to you! I saw those cards on your Pintrest site and loved them! Great idea. As for me - my valentines will happy on wednesday instead. with such a hallmark holiday, i figured there is flexibility on the actual date ;)
And i hear you re your dad - that was January for me too. xox
FYI - big thumbs up on the double chocolate cherry cookies - but note that you have to keep an eagle-eye on almond flour baking as the cookies will burn (like all nuts do) in an instant if cooked too long...but if not burned, they are YUMMY!

rebecca said...

hey, nice job pulling the valentine's together in a pinch! calder and i whipped out his today. i'd never made so many pom poms. tonight, i painted/drew up some big hearts for the breakfast table. fun, simple, last-minute surprises = my kind of lovin'! does that sound weird? ;)