Saturday, February 04, 2012

friday night lights





we went out last night to see small city calling. they were great. nevermind that our friend's son is in the band. (typing that feels old... c - i had a couple of flashbacks to going here. and seeing our friends' bands. yikes.)

we also hit pink's for a hotdog, fries and a root beer and did some walking around.

picked up the kids by 11:00 and were home in bed by midnight.

pretty perfect date night.


off to disneyland today! both girls are playing their violins there this year. (that means d and i have an hour or two on our own in the park! how often does that happen?)

happy weekend!

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this single spark said...

Yeesh! The Pyramid..... definitely some memories there!

Went to a social a couple of weeks ago with DJ Hunnicut (formerly of Farm Fresh) aka Kyle Sneezby's little brother. Fortunately he's almost our age so he was spinning vintage tunes. Didn't feel old that night but knees were complaining the next day. :]

Still.... rather be here than back in 1992. Waaaaay less angst.