Saturday, February 18, 2012



this was taken a month or two before losing my dad. he was here with my mom to be with his first granddaughter. he wouldn't put her down.

i am pretty sure he was saying good-bye.

it is so hard to believe 10 years have passed.


lisa s said...

that is the sweetest picture [and how they look so alike]
hug to you.

it's amazing how time goes by

amy h said...

10 years is hard. I'm glad you got to see him as a grandpa at least once though -- that is truly something.

shari said...

what a photo to treasure. this is so touching. thinking of you.

rebecca said...

yes, a treasure for sure. my grandfather passed unexpectedly 3 months after i was born. i was his first grandchild, there would be 8 of us. i know the photos of he and i are so cherished as well. he and i looked a lot alike.