Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend round-up


knitting in the dark

working in the garden



reading and playing in our pjs 'til noon

the finale of downton

and of course this:


{as mentioned previously - we are big fans around here of studio ghibli - and of mary norton's borrowers series. we have had this marked on our calendar for a long time. it was as visually beautiful as i expected. the story tweaked only so slightly to take elements of all the books in. without spoiling anything, i think, i must admit i was disappointed by a few of the changes, and that the creativeness of borrowers imagined in the books didn't really make it to the screen. but still a beauty. we rounded up the neighbors and took up an entire center row of the beautiful old el capitan to see it. definitely worth the trip.}

happy {holiday!} monday

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this single spark said...

you have a knitter! not sure why i didn't know that already but it makes me really happy...