Monday, April 28, 2014

tres cool

over the last year we have had our beloved fridge go belly-up three times. first off the fan. then a relay. and finally the condenser.

after some heart-felt consideration (we really loved our amana and its clean lines!) we decided it was time to move on.

new fridge!

we didn't have a lot of choices with our restricted cabinet depth location. (also hard to photograph in!) we are so very pleased with what we did find.

brand new to samsung - this model fits perfectly in our space. the samsung food showcase fs9000 has the stainless finish we required (to match our other appliances) and its recessed handles preserve the clean line we were looking for. and its pretty. and cool. (in many ways!)

we did get almost 13 years from our old fridge. not bad. (would likely have been longer if it had been located on a cooler wall, with more ventilation.) and it is so nice to not be worrying about when our fridge will conk out again! (living out of coolers is only fun for a while!)

details of fs9000

youtube review of fs900 with "tour" of its special showcase feature.

our kitchen through time.

life expectancy of major appliances.

tips for extending the life of your fridge.

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