Monday, April 21, 2014

this is the house that bj built.

we had a lovely break. lots of time with good friends. and (despite the fridge fiasco) just the right amount of relaxing!

we visited k's godparents (who happen to live down the road in another great sfv mcm neighborhood - encino village.)

we were all blown-away (especially k!) by their newest addition - this fantastic mid-century inspired playhouse that bj built himself, with all materials purchased from the home depot!


i plan on working with him to get the plans for this available as a pdf. it is just too good not to share, right?


watch for it :)


BunkleLife said...

So very cool (not only because of that weird stubby legged pink horse thing!)

rebecca said...

rody is awesome! and so it that playhouse!

Tracy said...

rody is awesome! (that's the name of the stubby legged horse jan! in fact. we have a 12 yr old rody still going strong. (i often wonder if i could deflate and hold onto for my, ahem, grandkids?) xo thanks for the playhouse love ladies xo

BunkleLife said...

Wow - looked at the Rody site and they have an adult sized one...hmmm. ..;)