Thursday, April 03, 2014

girl power!


we've worked hard in this house to cultivate a sense of "you can do anything...", and "strong and smart". in math and science, that's been a bit trickier as both d and i work in the arts. we often engage the girls in household projects and discussions where they see real-world math and science applications and we are lucky that they both excel in these areas. (full disclosure - d is something of whiz with numbers!)

we were thrilled when k received top-prize at her school science fair this week! her project on Chemical Weathering of Different Types of Rocks was all her own doing (save breaking up the rocks into sample size in the backyard with her dad!). the fair was judged by local scientists and engineers who came over from Northrup Gruman and CSUN. (in the overall results at the school, girl finalists outnumbered the boys! encouraging results - and I don't doubt linked to a fabulous teacher there with a love for science.)

go K go!

an interesting article on girls and science here


rebecca said...

that's a great shot of her. she even looks strong and smart… and quite grown up as well! go k!

i'm a bit worried, as the maths advance, that i'll quickly fall out of my comfort zone. jeff, being a literature major, and my art background, leave us in a similar situation to you and d. though, jeff did surprise calder with a rather elaborate story problem the other day… and of course the boy kept up with the numbers - and the plot - as the tale was told.

Tracy Bartley said...

thanks reb xo we are blessed with the added bonus of having a middle school math teacher as a neighbor so E has a place to go when D and I are struggling with Algebra I ;) I think that oral connection and weaving it in with the everyday is so very good. and music too! violin has played a part in their math skills most definitely. xoxo

Jennie said...

Go K! Hmm, a conservation scientist or object conservator in the making perhaps?