Tuesday, September 16, 2014


at 12:33 p.m. yesterday this girl turned 13. there was indian food and chocolate pudding pie as requested (as always requested). and getting to stay up an extra hour to watch dwts.*

13! one of the last of her friends to turn teenager she was more than ready. (and funny how now that she can access, all the social media sites she's been curious to get on, they don't seem so intriguing to her! i guess that's a good thing.)


and while i thought i'd be mourning the loss of my little girl to teenager-dom, i find that, while challenging on many days! - i am really loving getting to know the young woman she has become (is becoming). i love seeing her try on new ideas. i love her confidence. i love that she knows there is a whole big wonderful world in front of her and its ok not to know exactly what to do with it. i love that she sees the possibilities.


happy birthday dear e. my strong, confident, beautiful, thoughtful and brilliant girl. ilyttmab xo

* do you watch television with your kids? we've always had a no screen during the week rule - but now that the kids are older, we were talking about picking one show a week we'd all follow. we have a good friend that works on dancing with the stars, so that was the pick. (i didn't realize it is 2 hours long... is it always 2 hours long?!) what are you watching?

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rebecca said...

happy birthday e, and welcome to 13! chocolate pudding pie sounds great!

the boys don't watch shows with us, and jeff and i can only watch what we can find online, so some of the current shows are a bit delayed for us. that said, we really enjoy "so you think you can dance". and jeff started a recent season of "project runway" last night… his first time seeing it. we like "girls" and "louie", the occasional "tonight show with jimmy fallon", but out of it all, my pick to share with the boys, (were we to do so,) would be "so you think you can dance."

we also really loved the bbc sitcom "as time goes by". when calder was little he called it the "old people show" but enjoyed watching it nonetheless. it'd be a hard sell for the girls, but they may be charmed. you can prob. get it at the library.