Monday, September 22, 2014

from London xo


i'm here on business for a few quick days. the energy. the history. i love this city and always enjoy my time here, no matter how quick.

i usually stay with friends, but due to a tight work schedule i'm staying at a hotel on the strand. fun to explore a neighborhood i'm not as familiar with. will make time to take in some theater, and visit favorite museums. (must see this.)

only wish the girls and d were able to join me this time. (miss you. xo)


BunkleLife said...

Ah London *wistful sigh* - enjoy! (and YES re the show at the Tate!)

rebecca said...

great view! hope that cold stays at bay and you have a fun trip! :)

house on hill road said...

enjoy every minute!

Tracy Bartley said...

thanks all xo