Saturday, September 13, 2014

"and we danced all night..." (in praise of "yes".)





e's 13 was celebrated last night with one of her favorite bands. i hesitate to say her favorite. we ordered these surprise tickets so long ago (!) and i think the opening band has actually superseded this one, along with a nice dose of pop punk and some "classics" as well. good stuff. but the affection for these 5 is longstanding and i know this first concert experience will remain with her. the collective experience. (over 100,000 people! that's my hometown times 2.5!) songs she knew every word to. having her best friend, and her sister at her side.

for me, it was pure joy to just do this. i feel sometimes, like i say "no" a million times a day to her. i am constantly seeing/reading articles on entitled children, how not to spoil your kids, how to say no, and so on. i often feel on the other side of that. and while i'm conscious that she is extremely lucky in many ways (with extra-curricular lessons, a cel phone etc.) she most certainly doesn't get everything she wishes for (and a 12 year old girl, i've found, can wish for a lot.) it is nice to say "yes". it feels good to give such a treat. and she knows it is such. and appreciates it. sure, she likely wishes we were front row center. (didn't i wish the same when i saw duran duran so many years ago?!) but looking back, i know that won't be what she remembers. she'll remember the music. the lights. the screaming. and that i said "yes".


house on hill road said...

i love this. and you know that i am right there with you. you are a great mom, t. xo.

BunkleLife said...

Fantastic. Really. I saw Cheap Trick when I was 12, and it awakened a love of live music that I continue to bear the financial burden of ;) So great! And yay to 13.

Tracy Bartley said...

thanks erin xo
jan - yes! (i love that your first show was Cheap Trick. sadly, mine was Corey Hart!) D & i love live music. and in fact, she already has tickets for a small venue show in october (janoskians at the wiltern) and a medium venue show in november (5 SOS at the forum). here we go... ;)