Wednesday, September 03, 2014

hanging out (part deux)

i have always been a big fan of laundry lines. we had one in our yard for a while (remember?), then moved it up to the cottage when we built the modern shed. we use it through the summer and i love the smell of clothes dried in the sun.

i spied this a few years back, but alas, could not find the compact version i wanted stateside. i did find it at the local home hardware on galiano over the summer and brought it home. (and now I see ours is available on amazon.)

it is amazing. i know it's a bit odd to rave on over a clothesline, but this one really is the bee's knees. it folds down flat against the house when not in use and is extremely well made (trust the aussies to design for hot dry temperatures!) and holds a large load without problem. its compact enough to fit comfortably in our side-yard, inspiring a whole side-yard redo that is now underway.

but i couldn't resist showing it off first.

laundry day

along with the line, i found these wonderful collapsable clothes baskets. i wanted something not too deep, that could fold down and be stowed between the washer and the wall in our laundry room when not in use. and these are perfect for hauling loads outdoors and back again.

laundry day

more on doing our laundry here
if we had more room this is a great (and beautiful) solution

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