Monday, January 30, 2006

Gramma Fish RIP


It had been a great source of pride in our house that we owned goldfish that were over 2 years old. They were a gift for the big bug's 2nd birthday and, against the advice of the gentleman at the petstore, we kept them in a simple bowl, cleaning it out once a week. They thrived. We did have a bout of "ick", but that cleared up quite nicely with some fish antibiotic. They were happy fish - I think. Especially fond of Papa (who fed them regularly but judiciously) and the big bug. She named them "Eleanor" and "Gramma" and would have tea parties with them, and even play hide-and-seek, when they were willing. (They would always be told to count while she hid.) Sunday morning we awoke to find only one fish left in the bowl. The other had, sadly, jumped for joy one last time, landing on the floor beside the little Parsons table where their bowl was placed. There were tears. And the big bug took her time deciding what fate the dearly departed would take. (We gave her the options of burial vs. flushing.) She decided on flushing (as "fish belong in the water not in the dirt") and that night we held a simple ceremony. And down she went.

The next morning we went out to the petstore again. Big bug was worried Eleanor would be lonely. (Eleanor was always the yang to Gramma's ying.) We found a little orange and white friend whom was immediately named Lucy.

They seem to be getting along well. But Gramma is still missed.

Update January 31,2006
Came home from work today to find little Lucy had passed. The big bug was much more stoic this time. The memorial service was brief and uneventful... Think we will see how Eleanor does on her own for a while...

Update to the update February 1, 2006
Today Eleanor joined Gramma and Lucy. More tears. Thinking maybe Lucy brought with her some sort of virus. Anyway, sad day.


Sam said...

That's so sad!

African Kelli said...

Ay! What a horror! Three pets gone in a matter of days. I fondly remember "Charlie Brown," our chocolate gold fish. He too took a wild jump after being owned and loved for several years. It broke my 8-year-old heart.

Tracy said...

Thanks! We are recovering... many portraits of fish being drawn/painted! ahhh memories...!