Monday, January 23, 2006

Home again home again

We are back. And all the realities that go with a return have settled in!

We had a wonderful trip. Very emotional at times. We were visiting my nephew, who turned 10 while we were there, and whom I hadn't seen since he was 4. It is hard with that much distance. Especially given that his parents are divorced, and his father (my brother) is in Canada, and he is with his mother in Australia. He is a wonderful wonderful boy and I am so happy that we had some time together. We will not let that much time pass before we are together again.

Now I am home to a one bathroom house, where there used to be two. Papa has taken on the enormous task of redoing the master bath, and took it down to the studs while we were away. Originally he was to have the tub installed before our return but with ordering mishaps the tub is now not due to arrive until the first week of February. Oh how I look forward to long long soaks very soon...

In the meantime, the big bug is quite enjoying the idea of taking a shower, while the little bug goes around unwashed (she does not enjoy the shower concept at all, nor the kitchen sink - sigh) until gracious friends allow us to bathe her in their tub!

It is good to be home!


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Sam said...

Welcome home. I missed you and want to hear all about it.