Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday - Personal History #2


This is my dad and I - sitting at the piano at his mother's, my grandmother's, house here. My dad grew up in this small town. On a farm. Met my mom in this small town. At a dance. It was felt at first she was too young to date this wild young man. But time passed. And soon she was "old enough". They married. Raised two kids. Had a lovely life. Cut too short. They had been married 37 years when he died. They had been together more years of their lives than they had been apart.

I love the way Dad is looking at me in this photo. I always felt he was looking over me. Protecting me. I still do. I still can feel the weight of his hand on my shoulder when I need it most.

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Anonymous said...

I shouldn't be reading your blog at work.... this one made me cry. Your Dad was the most wonderful man, and I can't believe he's been gone almost four years. My love life improved greatly when I stopped dating guys like my own dad, and started dating guys like yours... kind, funny, goofy, smart, would rescue you when you needed it, unconditional. Oh ya, and the sideburns!
xo C.

Nessie Noodle said...

lovely post. lovely picture. thanks for sharing.