Saturday, July 15, 2006

day three

so far
up the 5

to castle crags state park

to portland - the lovely melissa's and a bbq that included favorite bloggers

m, e, k and m out in front
and a street fair with the little birds!

i must say that portland is not only a beautiful city - it is full of beautiful people. meeting them has been such a treat for us all! thanks so much for all your hospitality!!

soooo great


Alicia A. said...


(I got my package. She is so adorable- THANK YOU!!!)

two trees said...

great photos tracy!

amanda said...

looks like a fabulous adventure! Such fun photos!

stephanie said...

we miss you already! thank you so much for including us in your vacation adventure. xo.

melissa f. said...

what stephanie said. i hope this coming week is even better!

molly said...

great pictures. the one of the kids at the street fair is adorable. i love those 'from behind' shots.

sally said...

You have to come back to visit us! It was so nice to meet you and your family in person!

Listoria said...

love that last pict of the kids. how darn cute!


(found your blog through "little birds")

devinemom said...

looks like the trip is a lot of fun. the Mississippi street fair was fun, glad you enjoyed it.