Friday, July 28, 2006

WIP Friday

{WIP}beach bag

to begin


to inspire

oh, and all that laundry too

have a lovely weekend!


molly said...

love those bag plans. that towel bag is going to be so cute!!
(i hear you on the laundry!!)

shannon said...

oohh freaky. I recently baught two thrifted towels in excatly the same colours but in a paisley print and have no idea what Ill do with them (I have plenty of towels) but couldnt resist that colour combo....OK and the $1ea pricetag.

Maybe Ill beach bag mine also!

hannah said...

oh man. those towel bags are fabulous! but tell me how do you sew terry? wouldnt it pull like crazy in your machine? these are the sewing things that i have no idea about...

melissa f. said...

oooo towel bags are really really good-- at least i hope so-- let us know. they'll go on the list.

Tracy said...

still a wip... will let you know!!