Thursday, July 27, 2006

moving on back

so to move on (get over) our holiday - (thanks for bearing with me!) - i'll share a little something i began (what feels like, and i guess was!) months ago, and finally got to the post office right before our holiday departure.

chicken (backtack III rules)

when backtack III was announced i was so right there. i thought. then i missed the sign-up and resolved i would stay up later next time. and then i read alicia's post. and had an "aha!" moment. this is for me.

i haven't had much experience with softies. (the last one i made was this little piggy.) and was primed for the challenge of doing it again. i used a pattern from the same book. one that i had had my eye on for a while. and set to work. she is made from that sheet (again) and some felt i received a long long while back from another alicia. i enjoyed the constrains of the rules. though think i may have about 33% colour rather than 20%. the buttons and letter "A" went through a lot of different trials but in the end i opted for subtlety.

i know miss chicken has found a very good home. (remember tucker? oh the patience of all those stitches!! i love him...) thanks alicia for inspiring me!


Alicia A. said...

Thank YOU for doing the swap with me, Tracy! I love the little hen- she's so perfect.

And I really enjoyed getting to know you better.

lisa s said...

i love that chicken.....

melissa f. said...

oh i'm such a reluctant softie maker and then i see good bits like this and makes me want to have another go at it.