Wednesday, August 02, 2006


a few bits that have been on my mind...

i have been meaning to mention the mail we came home to. where do the days go? have we really been home for a week now? i guess so, since the laundry pile has disappeared (thanks d!)

besides the regular, expected piles of magazines and billing statements, there were not one, but two unexpected packages waiting for us. the first was big with exciting looking foreign stamps on it. kristina! i had been wondering what you were up to! (she is occasionally getting caught-up via her brother's computer!) it contained some wonderful danish design magazines (we have chosen a summer home out of one!) and lots of treats for us all. the packaging was a big hit with the girls - as were the contents. there was some chocolate and marzipan too, but for some reason that disappeared very quickly. (ahem.) there was also a long, (gasp!) handwritten letter from kristina. sounds like she may be back on-line soon. and that she is having a wonderful wonderful summer with her family. thank you so much kristina!

from Denmark, with love

then there was a package from the shack house. there were two CDs - the result of her contribution to the kids' CD swap. fun, fun and mellow fun. they are great. perfect mix of kid and adult music that has our whole van dancing! (i need to get the playlist from your carol - some of these voices i can't place and i need to hear more!) thanks carol!

and while in an ideal world i would do more sewing and find more thrifting, the reality is i often end up at target. and i am loving the tees i picked-up from their paul and joe line. don't think i will have the time to check it out here. but it looks very cool. also, for those in l.a., the paul frank store on 3rd is closing down and everything is 50% off until the end of the month. deals to be had!

feeling very inspired by these to get the big bug ready for school and her venture into kindergarten. ah, kindergarten. i never mentioned but on the drive home from our holiday i had a call from the charter school we had so hoped to get into months ago. that our number (43!) was next on the waiting list and that there was a space if we wanted it. we had 24 hours to make the decision. and a rough 24 it was. i know i have talked about this over and over but talking about the girls education just brings out this desire to work to save the public school system and to stress the importance of our community to the girls. so we turned them down. and will continue on the path we set out once we believed that our local school was our only real choice. i am feeling brave. and reassured. and strong. i can't wait to walk her home from school and ask her how her day went, instead of eyeing her in the rear-view mirror while negotiating l.a. traffic. and e is so excited too. we have made the right decision for us.

speaking of back-to-school - i'll be packing lunches. any tried and true favorites out there?


molly said...

lovely treats. good for you on seeking out what's best for your family, children and community...looking forward to hearing about your school days, and those lovely walks home.

melissa f. said...

i have been so inspired by Jennifer at

i know you're not necesarily vegan inclined BUT it should give you some fantastic ideas on finger food, etc. she's coming out with a book soon, i think.

sally said...

Glad you are at peace with your schooling decision for E. I have fond memories walking home from school.

Carol said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the CDs. I'll be sure to get you a playlist soon!

I didn't realize this, but my son is starting K as well and it's sort of overwhelming me! Your daughter will love her school experience I'm sure!

Good for you on staying in your community. I wish we could, but the reality is the school nearest us has a lot of issues. Something I don't think I am willing for my kids to deal's shocking for me to have to make this sort of decision. I went to Public school throughout my education.

Tracy said...

our choice is not without its shortcomings - but i feel some comfort in knowing what they are ahead of time!

melissa - i have checked out veganlunchbox - it looks great! thank you!!

stephanie said...

tracy, you've made a very thoughtful and meaningful decision about school and i admire it!

i also recommend vegan lunchbox for inspiration (we're omnivores, but get plenty of ideas from there)

The Bruin Boy Bunch said...

I am sure that you will make that kindergarden the best place for not only the big bug but all the other kids in the class.

What you will find is that if you are involved that is what make a diffrence... kids are good give them a litte attention and they will thrive....

Eva said...

Good for you - sticking with the public schools. My mother always told us that "the solution to the public school problem is NOT taking educated and caring parents out of it." That was a hard sell in our community and it sounds like things are much the same by you. Best wishes!

Shari said...

hi tracy,
have you ever made cream cheese and crushed pineapple sandwiches? these were my favorite as a little girl. xo shari

Tracy said...

thanks eva. those are my sentiments too.

oh and shari, will add those sandwiches to my try-ou list!