Thursday, August 24, 2006

thursday for friday


oh how i love the longer, cooler nights... c'mon autumn... i am so so ready. tho it looks like we have another month or so of summer left down here. (guess i've gotta get that beach bag finished first!)

i am taking tomorrow off. no work. no computer. just some time with the girls. kindergarten will be starting soon and i am trying to squeeze as much out of these days as i can.

some weekend inspiration

(ok - the first link is to get me more organized, the second to keep me moving with the back-to-school clothes sewing - and that last link is just to remind me to have fun!)

hope you have a lovely one!


sally said...

Have a fantastic three-day weekend with the family!

melissa f. said...

oh the weekend sounds good. maybe there will be some pool time-- i'm all for hot hot when there's a pool out the back door. i'm still rooting for that beach bag. you can finish it, wrap it, and give it to yourself next may.

fiona said...

That's such a beautiful photo. Hope you have a lovely day off!

blair said...

Tracy I love your links and that photo on your post is gorgeous (you'll have to share some secrets one of these days). Hope you had a nice th computer!

Tracy said...

thanks all!

blair - i hate to admit that i know very very little about taking pictures aside from what i learned in a high school art class.... can't think of what i would say! but thank you so much for the kind compliment!