Wednesday, August 30, 2006

thank you

you are all very kind. very kind.

i'm still not convinced i can live with the guitar tee the way it is. but my mom is arriving on friday and i have a lot of preparing to do. so it will sit and wait. if cooler temps arrive before i get around to revisiting it, then the little bug will likely be sporting it this fall. will let you know!

on another note - any Blogger bloggers out there upgraded to beta? curious to hear some reviews... going through that whole typepad vs. blogger thang again...



melissa f. said...

ah i see... hide it until you're ready to do something with it-- or give it away...? i have done this before and been so happy to have it out of my house rather than have to think/look at it.

hooray for visiting grandmas-- hopefully it takes the pressure/focus off the first day of school a bit.

Ali said...

I've just done the beta thing and it's been fine and uploading (esp. photos) seems quicker. I haven't started messing with the template yet or adding tags - that'll be the true test I think.

Amy said...

I think the shirt is adorable. Not sure what your mental picture was of how it "should" turn out, but I really like it.
Can't speak for Blogger, but Typepad is great. Sometimes it takes a while to find answers to questions and I think it could be a bit more intuitive, but the help staff have been very good and reply pretty promptly.