Thursday, September 21, 2006


special stolen hour last night. just me and the little bug while the big bug and her "coach" (dad) were at soccer practice. we have just recently realized that all this change in our household has played on her too. she misses her big sister. a lot. the change in routine has caused a bit of a regression. though i don't think it isn't something a little extra attention - and good old playskool puzzles - can't help.

and to help me - i purchased a new agenda. and i plan on finishing reading this book over the next few days. and delving into this one next. (thanks sam and lisa!)


this single spark said...

Hmmmm. I sense a theme in your reading.

Love the puzzles. We had those when we were kids, and my mom has held onto them. Was enjoying doing puzzles with my nephew this summer.

I'm hooked on the Women's Day Book. Hoping I can find another one this year. I'm totally lost without an organizer. Even have ridiculous things written in it, like "take out garbage." So pathetic!

tracy said...

"take out the garbage" - not ridiculous at all! (these are exactly the mundane little bits that i keep forgetting to do!!!)

Kristina said...

Super puzzles!

I recently read the Janet Luhrs book (again) - I really enjoy it! I've been reading a lot of these books and lately I've been on to Helen & Scott Nearing's: "Living the good life" and other *move to the country-side* type books - it seems so...simple...serene...
Have a SUPER weekend Tracy ;o)