Wednesday, September 27, 2006

unremarkably remarkable


thank you all so very much for all of your bday wishes! it was a lovely day. as i told melissa - unremarkably remarkable. just the way i wanted it. yummy indian food. chocolate cake. an unexpected visit from our beloved neighbors bearing this as a present. (i subscribe to and love the magazine and was keen to check out their publication.) and i got this too. from sam. by kristina. (you ladies rock!) and this yummy-crazy fabric and kit from my dearest friend back home. (oh how i miss you.) but i didn't get to bed as early as i hoped. (too much cake and unexpected visit for the little bug!) i was surprised too that some of you knew my previous place of employment. in fact one of you worked there too! (myredwagon - i did work for atique and maha - their first year of ownership - 1995 - 1996 if I recall correctly. and you??) ah what a lovely small world it is. remarkable.

speaking of melissa, and lovely (which by the way go hand-in-hand) have you seen this? (oh that portland. i will be checking for seat sales!)

a few have also mentioned that bloglines is delaying updating my blog. as i understand it when i updated to beta the feed changed. unfortunately you have to resubscribe to have it in a more timely manner. bummer. sorry. other than that i like beta. so far so good.

i also can't pass this day without thinking of my dad. it is his birthday today. he would have been 65. he always told me that i had been his best birthday gift. and that he forgave me for always ending up with my left-over cake. (not true - the left-over cake part that is.) i miss you dad.

happy wednesday


Kristina said...

SERIOUSLY Tracy...I never saw that magazine before - it's SO you! And me ;o) You REally lucked out on your birthday, huh? I especially like that giraffe card by karkovski....he he...oh did you know that *her* etsy shop will open again soon?!!
The fabric of the Mini Bug's dress, is the exact same as my wallet!! (By "Three Green Apples")
I love that! And the photo of her ;o)

melissa f. said...

i still have some of that fabric in my closet-- can't use it on anything special enough (i need a girl?).

i feel like christmas is coming with that show. hopefully people won't feel like they come away with it with a pile of socks and underwear.

this single spark said...

Hey darlin'. Totally forgot when we talked yesterday that it was your dad's birthday. You know that I think he was the bestest dad ever, but I'm sorry that I didn't wish him a happy birthday through you. Please send my love next time you're talking to him. xoxo

lisa said...

happy belated birthday, tracy! i have been so wrapped up in my own crap that i have neglected to check my blogs. indian food and chocolate. you can't go wrong with that.

tracy said...

oh c you are so sweet. i know my dad thought a lot of you too.