Friday, September 29, 2006


the weeks keep speeding by. i know that in no time i'll be celebrating 37! (well at least in no time celebrating halloween!!)

attended a very exciting, inspiring pta meeting last night. and feel renewed. but tired too. i have taken on a role that i am not entirely prepared for - but i think ready for.

hoping to glean some assertiveness along-side stephanie... and to have a *s l o w* weekend.

hope yours is as you wish it to be!

if you are as envious as i am that aforementioned steph will be seeing m.ward this weekend - check out the live podcast from kcrw - the next best thing?


Shari said...

hi tracy,

i'm proud of you for being assertive!! thanks for the link to the podcast. a sunday morning calls for a little m ward i think. hope you are your bugs are having a great weekend. xox shari

stephanie said...

hey, tracy. i wish you could have been with us last night. it was incredible.

best wishes on your journey at school. you are strong!

i also wanted to tell you that the publishers of atomic ranch just moved to my parent's neighborhood. we went to their yard sale this summer!

this single spark said...

hope your weekend was as slow as you wanted it to be. was thinking of you today as o and i wandered around the wag, taking in the modernist architecture and the rodin exhibits. very beautiful, in their own ways. we are on the lookout for modernist treasures now! beyond executive house, which has long been one of my faves. c. xo

melissa f. said...

i think this banner is the best of the last few. even though i loved the feet. loved.

tracy said...

oh steph how we wish we could have joined you guys! (spicy mac and cheese too - too perfect!)