Wednesday, February 07, 2007

bloom +


our attempt to force paperwhites and amaryllis was inspired by kristina back in december. i thought it would bring in a little bit of spring. my teacher mom naturally led me to all sorts of other things the big bug and i could do as we watched nature at work. i captured the plants with the camera (here) while e "journal-ed", measured and drew on a fairly regular basis in a (made by melissa very special) little notebook she carries with her wherever she goes. i'll try and get it away from her to capture some of her images. it has been a fun project. but i fear it is coming to an end as this morning the blooms were beginning to droop... (a little like me today.)

i feel a math theme at work. (mommmm!) happy wednesday.


molly said...

you know, i have NEVER forced bulbs and I really wish I would. It looks so beautiful, and I love the idea of measuring and watching them grow....yours are beautiful!!
And I'd love a sneak peek inside that journal!

this single spark said...

gorgeous! a reminder that there is life beyond -45 with the wind chill.

melissa f. said...

good thing spring is right around the corner. blossoms by the third week in february....! this post makes me so happy.

Zoe said...

They're beautiful flowers, so vibrant (red is my fav). My mum brought me some red tulips last night :)

BunkleLife said...

The fact they are starting to droop now is what makes their fleeting perfection so special...despite the weird weather here, there are little spring shoots (crocus etc) starting to peek their brave selves above the dirt. Ahhhh spring!!

Scarlet Tanager said...

So beautiful!! I bought two red ones to force before Christmas. One didn't come up, and the other ended up being white and pink. Lovely surprise.