Thursday, February 22, 2007

the more things change

the more they stay the same. (Rousseau?)

anyway. you know what i mean.

melissa's post reminded me.

me 1979 barbados

i seem to go in cycles. long hair prevails in photos from 1979, 1989, 1999... a pattern i never noticed until i tried to find a photo of my "look" my first yr in college to share with melissa. (that would be, ahem, 1989, if you are wondering. i failed to come up with an '89 shot i was willing to share so you are stuck with me at age 9. perhaps, c, you have one of my 19 yr old self that isn't too embarrassing? oh and for age 29 you'll have to check out a wedding pic.)

a boyfriend once told me that he always knew when something was up with his ex-wife because she would cut off her hair. it was indicative of her entering a stressful turn, and perhaps, he thought, a way of her to gain control, while instigating change. ever since then, haircuts have taken on new meaning. when the urge to "cut it off" dawns, i sit back and begin to question "why?".

not sure what i am getting at. i guess lately, as the people who are closest to me grow and spread their own wings i feel less and less control. over their lives. as well as my own. it is quite liberating on the one hand. quite frightening to me on the other. (alright. yes. it is only kindergarten, but this year has been a big step for me!)

oh yeah. and i have been thinking about getting a haircut.


sally said...

Tracy, you haven't changed a bit. What a sweet photo, I see a resemblance to E.

And I too go through that "gotta cut my hair TODAY" phase, all the time. [Which has led to many bad haircuts I might add!] I need a haircut badly. =)

I just dropped off registration papers for Big J's preschool next year. Very bittersweet, and yes, it is only for 7.5 hours/week. I'll be calling you once he goes off to Kindergarten. ;)

justine said...

what a great photo
i like the comment about cutting of your hair. I took a leap of faith late last year. I quit my job last November (to be a stay at home mum), and got my long hair cut to just above my shoulders....

erin said...

i do the hair cut thing too. right now i am in a grow phase and quite happy about it. but my baby goes to kindergarten in the fall so i see where you are coming from.

Alicia A. said...

My hair is long now for the first time in years. I forgot how much I missed pony tails.

That photo of you is amazing. I just read over at Flickr that your dad took it, which makes it even sweeter.

Good luck either way- long or short.

BunkleLife said...

Love the post (and lord no, you haven't changed!). Hair=state of mind is happening less for me now than it used to, but gotta say it still happens. I remember coming home as a teenager with some weird short/long/multicoloured/holes drilled into it thing, and my mum (from bed) saying "you look like you have mange". Ahhh, gotta love it ;-)...or the photo of myself at 19 where my hair is taller than my head. Really. Good times, good times....;-)

Caroline said...

Apparently women cut their hair just before leaving a partner (not suggesting this is what you are doing), also, when I was sitting in assembly at Kirbys Primary School (4-11)the other day (it was one where all the mums were invited) I noticed that the older mums (40 plus)mostly had shoulder length or above hair, whilst the younger mums had longer hair. It seemed the younger the mum, the longer the hair. The reason I was looking was because at 31 I amin the middle of this group, and I was wondering if my hair was due a cut....After my observations, I decided against it as, if always liked to rebel in an understated way!
Another factor is as women get older their hair thins, especially after the menopause, so I guess until that day comes (and sometimes i wish it would) Im going to keep my hair below the shoulder. I never forget watching Joan Hickson play Miss Marple on BBC TV, she unravelled her bun to go to bed, and the sight of this old lady brushing her very long hair was enchanting...maybe I will wear a bun when Im older.....Sorry for going on!

Matroskin said...

I've always had long hair, but now it's short. It's an act of rebellion for me. I was looking at women in the street and realized most of them had long or longish hair. It seems long hair is still considered feminine. Most models and film stars have long or middle length hair too. My grandmother and her sister were the first ones to have a bob in their village in the thirties. I wanted to show my feminity doesn't depend on my hair.

I just found your blog. There are glimpses of matroshka dolls in several pictures. I collect them. They're so cute.

hannah said...

tracy would you believe that david just pointed out this correlation to me the other day? we suspect our neighbor kicked her husband out. new hairdo and everything. anyway, i so know what you mean, that itch for change. i love that picture of you, i swear it could be the big bug. and your wedding photo? so so lovely. hugs friend!

this single spark said...

I DO have a photo of your 19-year old self that I could share. Will scan it and send it your way. It's a beach pic, with hair blowing, so it will go well with the one you posted.

melissa f. said...

yes, bring on the beach picture. i've been thinking a lot about the one that you posted-- and the way that it seems so thoroughly "you" somehow. as shy as you might be, the self-consciousness doesn't convey at all in that shot. i don't know of a picture of me past the age of 4 or 5 where i'm not totally aware that i need to be in "picture mode" or whatever... anyway, i love love this picture, and this post, and i'm due for a cut regardless of my life but i think it will help!

samlamb said...

Wow. And I just booked a haircut for next week. I have no doubt it's about gaining some control.

Great photo! You look absolutely sun-kissed.