Sunday, February 07, 2010

in our cookie jar #4

you have likely seen them before.

but if you haven't tried them - don't hesitate. they really are that good! (especially with a cold glass of milk.) we baked them saturday, and this is the last one.

flourless peanut butter cookie
flourless peanut butter cookies

from joy the baker via heather.


krisel keeper said...

I"m going to have to try it. It'll make eating peanut butter a little less messy!!!

rebecca said...

jeff is SO peanut (butter) averse! but these sounds really good to me! i think i might have to make them anyway and just keep them sealed in a tight container for calder and i to share. :)

rebecca said...

update: we made 'em this afternoon and are keeping them away from dad. they'll be all gone soon. thanks for the recipe referral!

krisel keeper said...

k. im trying these today. ive been hankering for them for a while and i have no doubt they'll be devoured in this house. Will try getting P to help me bake.

also, the smell of them baking will get dave up from his i can go back to my "mommy day off". :o)