Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a place to start.

a place to start.
our living room the weekend we moved in. july, 2001. (that bump i'm resting my breakfast on is our first daughter e.)

we closed on the house in june. but d took a month to get things somewhat ready. carpet torn-up. floors refinished. wallpaper stripped. (sort of.) a deep cleaning.

the milo baughman chair came through d's parents. the wardrobe i purchased when we lived in that warehouse in mid-city that didn't have any closets. it's long gone. (thanks craigslist.) d built the table. the chair i am in he found curbside just before we found the house. he thought it was good omen that homeownership was headed our way, and had it reupholstered as a rocker for the nursery.

it was good omen.

same spot this morning.
same spot this morning.


Christina said...

what a wonderful documentation of time.
[that piece is stunning]

krisel keeper said...

I love the picture of you! Oh, I see the woman you use to be pre-kids. I think we still would have become good friends...just more glasses of wine and more vintage shopping expeditions. Your house has come a long way baby! ;o)

BunkleLife said...

SO glad you are starting to post here. Love it, and LOVE D's horse painting. Really. I want!!