Sunday, February 21, 2010

sister love

e had her first away-from-home-sleep-over last night. she is 8. and i knew this was coming. she has a dear friend she has known since she was 2 who has come to our house many a time. but e has never wanted to venture away from us for a night. i am sure part of this is tied to our practice of attachment parenting. and the co-sleeping routine we have had. all that started to shift this year with a wish from e to "learn" how to fall asleep on her own. her decision. and i was proud of her for voicing it. it took some time, but by the new year she was falling asleep without having me lie with her. mind you, she still sleeps with her little sister. and i don't see that changing anytime soon.

as i readied the little sister for bed last night - i went to take off the bead necklace around her neck and she stopped me. "e told me not to take it off until we are together again." she told me with big eyes as she crawled into our bed. "ok" i said. and hugged her tightly.

i am so endlessly glad they have each other.

they fought all day today. it is good to be together!


rebecca said...

so cool. can't wait to experience and provide sibling-hood. it's not anything i've ever known.

house on hill road said...

complete sweetness!

emily said...

i love love love love love that.