Friday, February 05, 2010

and we start all over again

i don't really consider myself a knitter. but i like to have something going that i can do while watching a movie or waiting for someone/something/somewhere. i was so excited to begin this easy pattern for a cowl. rain was in the forecast and i am one who always likes something warm wrapped around my neck. and i had the perfect yarn. two skeins of bulky blue sky alpaca in a wonderful dark blue. (i had picked them up over a year ago in ny.) and so i started the final stretch and began to worry that i wouldn't have enough wool left to cast off. but that didn't stop me. i began to cast off anyway. and it wasn't enough. so i searched the internet and they no longer seem to have that wonderful blue anywhere. so i frogged it. and returned the ball and needles to my bedside.


i had the consultation with the allergist today. turns out wheat didn't set off any real alarms - but yeast, barley, oat, rice, rye, pea, apple, peach, orange, almond, egg yolk and lamb did. sigh. he wants us to begin a elimination diet - including eliminating wheat as it may still be a contributing factor. i am telling myself that it isn't as bad as it sounds. e's reaction hasn't been life-threatening (thank God) but is uncomfortable. it will be about thresholds. (it could have been that wheat pushed her over her threshold - while say oranges are the real culprit - and its elimination put her back below her threshold.) the trick will be ensuring we find a balance so as not to set off any of those alarms. i think it will be good for all of us.

and its raining. which makes me happy. happy weekend!


emily said...

i finished this cowl yesterday (which is hilarious because i've been knitting it for many months in front of movies and in cars - i like to knit like you like to knit, i think.) and in my last row i realized that i wouldn't have enough yarn left to cast off. so i ripped back the row and cast off one row early. mine's blue too. what're the chances!?!

as for the allergies, it must be a relief just to find that there are triggers. i'm sure that the elimination diet will be challenging, but i hope it's rewarding, too - as you watch your girl feel better and better and figure out how to keep her that way.


rebecca said...

wow t, those lists of allergens can sure be daunting. damn. a lot of those things seem like your basic baby foods. just goes to show how sensitive our bodies can be. and it will be interesting to see where your cooking turns in light of these revelations. you've still got potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, dairy, macaroons, chocolate, soy, melon... :) but no more joe's o's!

wise craft said...

Hi T! I have been looking for a good cowl pattern, thanks for that link. I'm so sorry about all the allergy stuff. You're a good mom for sticking with it and trying to figure it out, those elimination diets always seem so enlightening (my sis went on one 2 years ago for digestive problems and learned quite a bit). xo