Friday, February 12, 2010



so here is the cowl finished. e was disgusted by my frogging of the entire thing and insisted i begin again. i am not 100% happy with it. it does look very cute on e as she can pull it down and wear it like a mini poncho kinda thang.

we have one of those weekends ahead that you dread well in advance. puts me in a sour mood just thinking about it. it is full. and none of it has anything to do with valentine's day. so it goes. (that sourness doesn't extend to your visit sunday sam! that is the shining light at the end of it all! xo)
the great escape(s)

my mood has been alleviated with daydreams of building a new space up on the island, and redoing our pool here at home. (and looking at this picture now has me dreaming of new wallpaper for the bedroom.) ahhhhh dreaming.

oh and i am very excited about the olympics. the girls are really into it. i think seeing the activity in vancouver when we were there plays into it all. we have the curling schedule down!

i'm smiling just thinking about it.

happy friday.

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BunkleLife said...

Ahhh, the Olympics. And the associated madness. I am torn about the whole thing - the spending and corporate stink of it all bothers me - but I do love the sports, and I do love the cultural stuff that is in town as a result, and I have to admit it is kind of nice to see us OH so reserved Canadians tooting our own horn (even if it is through the paid advertising of official Olympic gear ... you see the dilemma?;)

I'm taking next week off work, to work on the Bunkle and take in some of the madness.

Wish you were here to enjoy it ;)