Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my dad

b. 27 september 1941
d. 17 february 2002

i cannot believe he has been gone 8 yrs.

and then again it sometimes feels as if he has been gone for such a very long time.

my dad.

this is a picture taken at my grandmother's house in killarney, mb. my dad and his brothers. my brother and i, and one of our cousins. since my dad's passing my grandmother and one of my uncles has also gone. since my dad's passing my brother has married a wonderful woman. and my cousins are now moms to four beautiful children. and i have two girls who remind me every day of my dad. and what joy it is to be a family. he taught me well. he is still teaching me.

i miss you dad.


Sheri said...

i know exactly what you mean. the missing never gets easier. just farther away.

amy h said...

Thinking of you. These kinds of anniversaries are never easy.

house on hill road said...

hugs to you, tracy.

krisel keeper said...

I'm right there with you and feel your loss.

Thank you for comforting me so much during my dad's passing. I'm sorry if it brought too many memories back. Another friend told me the void never goes away. I guess in a way it's the way it should be. They've been too big a part of us to ever go away. xoxo.

rebecca said...

oh, t. big hugs to you.

and thanks for the rock props. :)

i haven't seen any curling yet. guess i failed to memorize the schedule like you and your wise girls.

Jennie said...

I'm thinking of you Tracy, and it's wonderful you have such beautiful memories to pass on to the girls.

BunkleLife said...

Hugs to you, lovely. His spirit obviously lives on in you and your beautiful girls. xxJ

leslie said...

funny how the older we get, looking back on pictures of our parents probably our age or younger is such an odd experience. i am going through some weird midlife crisis i think, whats important, should i do this or that, am i wasting my life away? heavy stuff. thanks for reminding me how important family is in all of this "life" stuff.

emily said...

sending hugs your way. and sharing sheri's sentiments. xo.

lisa s said...

i'm sorry i missed the actual day, but... love your thoughts here.... here's another hug if you want/need it... xo