Thursday, July 21, 2011



surf camp

waffles for breakfast. on a weekday.

soft-serve icecream from the king kone truck

tie-dye twistbands

my new bracelet from d

a little piece of pottery picked up in paris

baby pygmy goats (thank you stephanie)

this nod from melissa: "One thing I admire about Tracy and D is that they have built their lives around their family and community and work to make change there every day. Plus, they have a pool. I have always wanted friends with a pool. Even if they are a million miles away." (sometimes i need a reminder. she is a good friend.)

a date set to head north


Melissa said...

North! Can't wait.

Tracy said...


rebecca said...

and that date is...? ;)

Tracy said...

soon :) I'll email... xo