Thursday, July 07, 2011



Buckingham Palace. in the rain.
Buckingham Palace.  in the rain.

drying out in the National Gallery.

and back outside to Trafalgar Square for the red carpet event of the year. (at least in the girls' opinion.)

and the sun came out.
HP 7 premiere

(loved the banners being carried by some fans. this one too.)

i am sure this is a day the girls will never forget. it dumped rain. (not the London drizzle we were prepared for. it dumped.) we were soaked as we stood in front of the palace. we spent over 2 hours drying out in the NG sitting in front of pictures, telling stories, and reenacting the scenes they depicted.

and then there was the moment they had all been waiting for...

HP7 pt 2. it was crazy. thousands of people vying for a peek. d and i weren't sure. but the girls insisted on staying. we did glimpse ron. and luna.

then headed back "home" for indian take-out and the chamber of secrets on the tube.

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