Tuesday, July 19, 2011

in the swim


home. and back to the hustle.

(for all the pain and extra work a swimming pool brings, i can't imagine life here without it.)


leslie said...

i have become more and more obsessed with having a swimming pool. we upgraded our free standing pool this year and have spent every day we can in it but it isn't the same as a "real" pool. yours looks like a really nice size, so big! i think of you when i see the valley weather on tv, always 10 degrees hotter than here. for sure you need that pool! enjoy!

Tracy said...

It's HUGE Leslie. Too big. Maybe :) But definitely necessary with Valley temps.

petite gourmand said...

wish we had a pool today
40 degrees and that doesn't include the humidex!
who knew it could get that hot in the great white north?

Tracy said...

:) sometimes I really miss Toronto. But not in July. (Or January!) Stay cool!