Sunday, March 05, 2006

and from Missouri to California!

The girls were thrilled with their miniswap packages which we picked up from the postoffice on Saturday morning. (An ordeal in itself! I thought I had packed our pick-up slip into another box I was posting and hoped that the post-officer could find our package without it but they couldn't so I opened it only to find it wasn't there which meant taking both kids back out the door across the busy parking lot and around the side of the block where we had parked because the parking lot had been full, digging around the van where I found and old piece of string cheese, an abandoned sippy cup and a vast quantity of breakfast cereal before finding the aforementioned claim slip, trudged back into the post office and got back in line where the officer - thankfully - recognized me and let us come to her window to get our packages - which turned out to be two packages! whew.)

The girls could barely wait to get home to open their packages! The "glitter storms" as the big bug calls them were the biggest hits - as were the purses, the too cute notebooks made from paperbags with stickers and gel pen too, the fishing game, the mystery paintings... So much care and thought put into everything! oh and the bracelets how could I forget the bracelets I can't get off my daughters' wrists! Thanks so much Shannon and family. I hope our package made it to you safely! And a big thanks to Molly too for organizing everything! This was a lot of fun for all of us!

to CA from MO to CA from MO

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