Monday, March 20, 2006

spring is in the air...

at least in our house anyway... Thank goodness for bouquets of daffodils!


It is so unseasonably cold here right now. Temperatures hovering around the 50 degree mark. (What is that in Celsius again??) We poured the first of the raised beds yesterday and I am anxious to open the mould tonight and see what we have. And to fill it with dirt and our little seedlings.

I am so ready for spring.

Re-reading this it does sound a little pathetic given that in most parts temps like this would be considered spring. What kind of southern california girl am I turning into? I'd have been in my bare legs in this weather, at this time of year, back home sweet home. Happy Spring!


d said...

I've got my fingers crossed

karkovski said...

Well...we still have snow lying around here, with only 40 degrees outside - I would love your 50 ;o)
(Converter here: - I only know celsius!)
LOVE the palm tree photo - they're my favourite trees!
By the way: thanks for your link Tracy. It has a lot of danish design and *my* style in there ;o)

Jennifer said...

As a So Cal transplant to BC, where it is usually only about 4 degrees C (say, 38F), I still hear you about the coldness of 50... We just spent a week of our spring break in Orange County, and I was SO disappointed with the coolness of the air. Its supposed to be WARM there! I'm originally from New England, but after 8 years in OC, I'm convinced that warm is good for us! Good luck with the plantings!

petite gourmand said...

ahhh spring..I wish. It's a cold but sunny minus 5 degrees C here in toronto. My brother in law who lives in L.A. is always happy to call and share the local temps. with me though. Oh well, in the not too far future we'll be bitching about how hot it is!
Love the daffodil shot and the plaid cape, what a find.