Thursday, March 30, 2006

Corners of Our Home 8

The kitchen.


I have shared this spot before - here - and a peek here. But I think that this room best illustrates the direction we are taking the house - and the quality of light that drew us to it in the first place. We are lucky here in Southern California to have most days with blue sky overhead. This house was designed with that in mind.

kitchen window

The kitchen, and the bedrooms at the opposite end of the house, have these wonderful windows. Every house on our block has these. So the developer was thoughtful enough to also ensure that there are no street lights in our neighborhood - so no glare at night - just a wonderful view of the cosmos!

The original kitchen cabinet doors were pegboard sliders - unsalvagable. And D decided to modify them slightly by building all new cabinets with plexiglass sliders(much easier to keep clean). We aren't sold on the finish yet and talk about doing some with a more frosted appearance. But the reflection is nice!

kitchen cabinet

More corners here.


stephanie said...

love your kitchen and what you've done with the cabinetry. your home is a welcome contrast to my dark, northwest craftsman. i love getting a glimpse into your corners.

are your kitchen floors cork? are they original to the house?

shim + sons said...

Love your home. I love the hints of color. So beautiful.

{m} said...

great work! enjoying the pictures from your case-study inspired house! we're working on the CA modern feel here in our northeast fifties ranch. :)

Tracy said...

Thanks all!

Stephanie - The floors are cork. Not original but in keeping with the house (built in '55). The original lino was long gone. I am so happy with how the floor turned out. So nice to be on! (It is on top of a slab foundation.) We will be putting cork in the bathrooms and laundry as well... (I secretly dream of a craftsman... detailed mouldings...cozy corners... And love the peeks into your home!)

Maia - I would love to see some pics of what you have done!

Kristina said...

As you know: I love your house <3
I love how it's open all the way up to the ceiling, the large windows up there, the kitchen cabinets and the cork - love cork!
And I know you have palm trees to glace at ;o)