Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Inspired by my recent visit to the "Garden School", my recent bedside reading material (see sidebar),and the bugs ongoing love of digging in the dirt, we bought some peat pots and seeds and got ready to garden. Beans, peas, pumpkins,and watermelon started by the big bug. Tomatoes for me.

beans and peasbeans and peas.2beans and peas.3

They took off quickly. Now we have to build these.

(torn from an old issue of Sunset but found again here.)

Add carrots, basil, sunflowers, parsley... And convince spring to arrive!

How does your garden grow?


{m} said...

We like the square-foot gardening technique!
p.s. wish our a.m. routines would be as pleasant!

this single spark said...

Hey darlin'! Went to a garden club a couple of weeks ago and learned something that you should know. Watermelons, pumpkins, squash, etc. should not be planted next to one another as they can cross-polinate. It will affect how the fruit grows. I had no idea! But thought I'd pass it along since you don't want watery pumpkin or stringy watermelon. Couple more weeks and I can get my seeds started. Can't wait!!!

Tracy said...

thanks for the info! xo

gracia said...

I love your garden pics... makes me want to sow some seeds! Afraid I can only grow herbs, not veggies... and my thyme always dies. Cheers, gracia