Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday Time.3

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Time. I spend what seems like so much time. Driving. This city is notorious for this. I don't like it. But haven't found a way to get around it - yet. My commute isn't bad. I know others that have much worse. And the nature of my job requires that I have a car available. So public transportation isn't an option. For me. D has been taking the bus to work for almost a year now and loves it. Though he is a bit of an anomaly here in La-La-land... (Sandra Tsing Loh's perspective on public transportation offers an amusing view of this at The Big Orange) We talk about getting a diesel and converting to veggie oil (anyone tried this?) - but haven't got the time. or money right now.

Though would have both if I spent less. time. driving...

Have you made any changes to cut down on driving time?

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this single spark said...

When I found out that my lovely VW needed $900 worth of work last fall, I decided to take it off the road. For a while anyway. Have been bussing back and forth to Wpg on the weekends. Sometimes I hate the bus, but there have been many days where the weather is crazy that I'm glad I'm not driving.

To get around town, I walk everywhere. Will soon be bike season. But then, I live 12 blocks from work, 12 blocks from school, and 2 miles from my mom (about as far away from my house as I go), and I don't have kids to take places. So walking and biking aren't really options for you and your girls.

I've really enjoyed not having a car. It forces me to find alternatives, and plan my errands.

Will have it back on the road in September as I will have a quick transition between school and work.

Not sure about options for L.A. Have you thought about an electric car or a hybrid instead of biodiesel? What about car shares? When you live in a city that was planned for driving, it's hard to not drive.

{m} said...

LA, yes, you practically live in your car, no other place like it... my drive was from the 10 to the 710, caught a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the freeways though... great to hear about your energy consciousness...
--former LA resident

{m} said...

I should've signed as
--former LA resident/ carpooler/vanpooler

Tracy said...

very true maia - there is a lot to look at!

spark - well done - as i would have expected! we have looked at rideshares (david may get more involved in this but i need my vehicle for work) and hybrids (still too much $$)- i think the best solution would be to move somewhere smaller ;)

cally said...

Your blog always sends a flood of childhood memories chugging through my head. This time it's being in cars for a long time in LA. And that feeling of trying to get out the car (with shorts on ) and your legs have stuck to the leather seats!

Tracy said...

ouch! yes summer driving is a(n extra) drag!