Thursday, March 02, 2006

Corners of Our Home 5

music corner

If I came with a lot of books - then D came with a lot of music. Guitars, CDs, lots of vinyl and this piano.

This is our music corner. Amps ready for an impromptu jam around the piano. This is the piano D took lessons on as a boy. Bought by his Bubbie so that her grandchildren would be blessed by music. It has been touched by many many little hands. Gently and not so gently. The bench is long gone. But when it was offered to us by D's sister we didn't hesitate. D even built a wall for it to go up against so that it would have a proper place in our little house.

I took lessons too, for many years. Many hours of practicing chords and scales and pieces I never thought I would want to play. Now I am so glad that I can. And I look forward to the bugs complaints about practicing as I complained to my mom.

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music corner 2

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