Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International Women's Day

My dear friend reminded me of this. I am on a bit of a media fast and had completely forgotten. But it is important to take (at least) a day to remember. It seems timely - and somewhat frightening - this year to remember where we should not be going. What legacy am I creating for my daughters? What more should I be doing? How do we ensure that we move forward instead of back?



jorth said...

And right back to you, too! ;0)

stephanie said...

they had a women's day assembly today at my daughter's school that i was lucky enough to attend. moms of students pretended to be famous women in history (maria montessori, rachel carson, betty friedan, maya lin, among others) and answered questions. it ended with everyone (her school is K-8) singing "free to be you and me" loudly and joyfully. i, of course, cried a bit. she goes to an alternative public school by the way (where my husband is on a committee to establish a kitchen/garden a la Alice Waters). good luck with your school hunt.

Tracy said...

how fantastic stephanie! i'd cry too! let me know what happens with the garden!