Saturday, January 27, 2007

"c" is for cupcake

bookbag for c

and for today's birthday girl.

a last minute bookbag inspired by this. {i cheated a little. the bag premade. and the "c" an iron-on from a fantastic local source for iron-on transfers embellished a little by hand.}

and then we got carried away...


it is overcast. and cold. {for l.a.} and not-so-good for taking photos.
but i love it anyway. feels like a touch of winter. hope you are having a lovely saturday.


this single spark said...


c is also for catherine.

just saying. ;]

Dee said...

cute, cute! I love things with cupcakes on them!

sally said...

c is for CUTE! Lucky little girl.

erin said...

completely adorable!

melissa f. said...

i copy sally whenever i can.
(look at you getting all this sewing done!!)

leslie said...

love the detail and hand stitches. nice.

hannah said...

i agree with the other ladies, wonderful tote. cant wait to see how the apron is coming along. i owe you an email, this afternoon, i promise!

devinemom said...

it looks great!

congratulations on all of your sewing goodness this year.

morgan! said...