Friday, January 26, 2007

late to the party

i know this is old news. (but sam this one is for you...)

so while attending my aforementioned niece's birthday fete. which happened to take place at a mall not too far from us. i spotted forever21. the little one was a bit fussy and needed a break from all the celebrating. and then alicia's post came back to me. and in i went. little bug and i spent most of the remainder of the party in the forever21 changing room.


yes, i have read about the proselytizing. (which has never stopped me from going to in and out so didn't stop me here.) and about the sweatshop watch. (which is now apparently settled.)

the colors. the styles. and the prices. yes. the prices.

care to hit the mall my friend?

happy weekend!


Carol said...

a girl at work always has the cutest shirts and she will chant "forever 21"...hmmm, I'll give it a go! now when can I find time to go by myself and with some extra cash? :)

sally said...

I was telling my friend that Forever 21 needs to open a sister store, Forever 30's or something. But yes, you cannot beat the prices. =)

Dee said...

wow, i didn't even know about printing on the bags! I guess as long as they don't preach at me at the store its fine with me!

Sam said...

I'm there - sounds fabulous

stephanie said...

i'm just catching up here, but i wanted to say that i think that vestry AND pta is a bit much and i very nearly applied to the same program at bard (it was 1994...maybe our paths would have crossed?).

f21 used to my sister's and my dirty little secret, but we've since been exposed. i can't stand malls, but make a trip every season.

lms said...

sadly, some of the best afternoons of my life have been spent with my mom and best friend shuffling through the racks at f21. by the way, i'm 32, my best friend is 30, and my mom is 58. should you ever find yourself near union square in san francisco, the store there is 3 stories tall!