Wednesday, January 24, 2007

to do

* gift for a wee cousin
* gift for a wee friend
* prepare for baby shower
* prepare for pta sponsored walk-a-thon
* visit school gardens
* visit the dentist
* watch my girls bloom
* watch the flowers grow

(so much so quickly! we think we could see them growing yesterday...)


hope you are having a wonderful week...


molly said...

i especially like the last two on your list...:)

melissa f. said...

oh school gardens... i would LOVE to work on that one with you.

Carol said...

these are spectacular!

nice list too- busy, but full of wonderful things.

Green Brandon said...

i need to start growing something. especially since my evil cat destroyed my palm tree yesterday. the one thing in my house that actually felt like summer. lucky for him that he's so cute.

erin said...

ahh - forcing bulbs. what a way to brighten the day!